Pärnu was admitted to the Hanseatic League in 1346 when it started to compete with Riga and Tallinn, but from the 19th century, Pärnu is better known as a health centre, seaside resort and yachting harbour.

Pärnu is also the summer capital of Estonia. Its beautiful beaches, trendy cafes, world-class spas, good restaurants, romantic sunsets, and active cultural life offer a true summer paradise to its visitors. In Pärnu all kind of different summer activities from sailing, windsurfing, river rowing, roller-skating, flights on Delta plane and horseback-, carriage- or horse drawn sleigh to modern art galleries and spas are possible.

The St. Catherine’s Church,built on the request of Catherine the Second, is the most stylish Baroque church In Estonia. Another noteworthy Baroque landmark is the Elizabeth Church dedicated to the Empress Elizabeth.

You will also find the charming Art-Nouveau style Ammende Villa in Pärnu. This rich décor and luxury interior villa and park was built by the rich merchant of Pärnu to celebrate his daughter Ammende’s wedding on the 1905.