Estonia is a Nordic country combining both Western and Eastern influences, which has preserved its roots and cultural identity, and its people are often described as rational, prudent, progressive and innovative.

Estonia as a Nordic country offers breath-taking pristine nature and pure wilderness. The clearly recognizable four seasons with their distinctive colours and sounds, offer enormous possibilities of discovery all year around. The period of warm and white summer nights with almost 24 hours of daylight invite you to the countryside or to an open-air concert, contrasting the harsh Nordic winters with lots of snow enjoying quality time with a loved one and a glass of red wine in front of the fireplace.

Estonians have been living in their homeland for thousands of years, a timeframe which could be compared to the history of the Roman Empire. Throughout history, Estonia has been ruled by many different nations, the country has experienced significant hardship owing to various wars, and even climatic conditions. As a result, Estonia's historic and cultural heritage is unique and rich with its distinctive language and traditions.

Coming from the Land of the Rising Sun, Estonians have traces of Eastern civilizations that have mixed with Nordic and Western influences and created a unique mix of internationality and multi-cultural features. Estonia is strategically located close to four large metropolises, eg: the cities of Saint Petersburg (Russia), Stockholm (Sweden), Helsinki (Finland), and Riga (Latvia) are only an hours flight away.

Estonia's location on the crossroads has made its people skilled and fast adapting, creating a very good ground for creativity and a forerunner in cutting-edge innovative technologies. Convenient mobile parking and Wi-Fi connection everywhere, including the most remote locations like deep forests or isolated beaches.

Let your vacation in Estonia be unique and magic!

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